ACCESS Releases v7

Announcement  [ December 21, 2011]
Starts to incorporate more services

The year 2011 and 2012 presents great technology opportunities. ACCESS presents itself to adopt to these changes while expanding its list of features and functions to include the following modules:

An iOS and Android App is something ACCESS is looking forward to develop and publish. Your inputs will be useful.

Auditors: Users must have a way to be deactivated

Announcement  [ March 15, 2011]
Addition to the clearance procedure

Aside from being automatically deactivated after a number of days that the user does not login to the system, with the exemption of students, all users will undergo a deactivation-reactivation process.

As part of the improvement of the school's procedures, auditors were called in to observe and recommend standard practices. One of which is User Control for all systems.

For faculty members, user deactivation would assume that grades and all pending records to the system has already been accomplished. Please drop by the Systems Development Office for the deactivation.

Suggestions to improve further the system is always welcome. Please send them to

ACCESS serves its Fifth Major version

Announcement  [ February 21, 2011]

As ACCESS grows in its scope and features, the new version serves the following:

The new version is also scheduled to provide the following features:
If you have any comments or suggestions, send them to We'd love to hear from you.

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